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Welcome! This website was created on Jul 21 2007 and last updated on Jul 05 2024.

There are 9385 names in this family tree.The webmaster of this site is Barbara Pixley. Please click here if you have any comments or feedback.

About Pixley-Blair: Pioneers and Princes
From the Blair Bruidhinn,
   The Newsletter of  
The Clan Blair Society
A poem by Elizabeth Morse:
                          My life cycles ever around
                                 My Memories grow
                             Entwining the memories 
                                  of generations                                               
                     My mind holds the memories of my past,
                          The visions of my childhood,      
                  The dreams of my parents and grandparents,
           The tears of my frustrations and the glow of my joys.
                          My life ticks out my destiny
       Vitalizing the lives of my children and my children's children,
                        Enriching the streams of my life.
                All the genes and tracings of my ancestors echo 
         And imprint a mold for the living cycle of my life and theirs
                       As it makes its way toward the sea.

                         The rivers of the generations fuse
           The contributions of all my ancestral voices in my memory, 
                           My loves, my faith, my causes.
                 In the cocoon of my heart, I do not stand alone.
                 Watching the circling of the wheels of my life,
                For the generations of my ancestors support me.

Welcome to My Website

  • This website won a 2008 Vintage Kin 'Yellow Ribbon Web Award'. for a "very high standard of aesthetic appeal, quality of navigation and great value to the genealogy community". We Are The Chosen In each family there is one Who seems to be called to find the ancestors To put flesh on their bones and make them seem alive again To tell the family story And to feel somehow they know and approve. Doing genealogy is not a cold gathering of facts But instead breathing life into all who have gone before. We are the storytellers of the tribe... (This is an exerpt from a longer work attributed to Della M. Cumming Wright and others.) When we turn to our ancestors something changes us inside. Russell M. Nelson Those of us who research our family's ancestry have a special bond. We do it for the love of it, although it's a lifetime pursuit that is never finished. Once you catch "the genealogy bug" there is no turning back; there is no cure! What better way to gain a personal relationship to history, or to "discover" ourselves, than by researching and discovering our ancestors? Who needs fiction when the truth is not only 'stranger' but much more fascinating? Another great 'perk' is finding cousins you never knew you had! (Remember, when it comes to genealogy, all success is relative.) I edit this website periodically-so you can check back for new data/photos etc. "Old Genealogists Never Die-They Just Lose Their Census."
  • Stories: Go to 'People'-upper left-then click 'Stories' I have entered stories about our ancestors and recollections about my generation and photos that I hope you enjoy-For more photos: go up to 'Photos' then to 'Index' and the Album: 'The 1940s and 1950s'.
  • Guest Book: Click on Guest Book-upper left. You can leave a message, lines you are researching etc. Your email address will be seen only by me. You can also contact me from the click here link at the top of this page or through my Facebook page.
  • 'Sources'
  • CHECK OUT: Useful Links at left.
  • Websites and Sources: Some good websites for research and sharing are: geni.com ancestry.com familysearch.com myheritage.com findagrave.com wikitree.com ancientfaces.com google.com cyndislist.com geneanet.org rootsweb.com findmypast.com I have too many websites, genealogy sources, surname sources etc. to list here but will be glad to share them if you contact me. There are many good sources-including those 'of royal descent', descendants of Charlemagne-websites, books, organizations etc. One good book is Royalty for Commoners" by Roderick W. Stuart. There are also Census Reports, local newspaper archives, military records. historical libraries etc... CHECK OUT EVERYTHING! When we turn to our ancestors-something changes inside us.
  • Genealogy Software Programs: You MUST have a good genealogy program installed on your computer. There are several good ones on the market-I use the Legacy program. And BACkUP! One on your computer and an external hard drive to keep your records safe. Few things are sadder than to hear of something losing years of research: gone forever! ANOTHER GOOD SOURCE: Family Tree Magazine: familytreemagazine.com It is a good source for genealogist-researching, websites, software reviews-every issue has valuable information. "When a nation perishes or a society goes down, one condition may always be found. They forgot where they came from." Carl Sandburg THE PURPOSE OF THIS WEBSITE: "Those only deserve to be remembered by posterity who treasure up a history of their ancestors." Edmund Burke This website is designed to help those researching their surnames-to connect with those names and also to trace these families back to earlier ancestral lines. You don't start with early lines but trace your family back to them. The problem is to get from HERE to THERE, which is the focus of this website: to help 'cousins' make these crucial connections. NOTE:There are over 19,000 names in my Legacy program-with other lines of descent in biographical and historical notes.
  • RESEARCH, FAMILY STORIES AND PHOTOS ON THESE LINES CAN ALSO BE FOUND ON: Geneanet.org where my entire gedcom is uploaded. Type in a name to search. Ancestry.com under the tree name: Pixleyblair.tribalpages.com MyHeritage.com where a gedcom is uploaded with notes and some pictures Geni.com where my entire gedcom is uploaded-see Overview-notes and Media-photos Some lines can be traced to Charlemagne and beyond Roman times. Of course, most of our lines can't be traced back that far-but we do the best we can with the data available. There is also much more information on COLLATERAL lines: siblings, cousins, children, marriages, descendants and photos which I will be glad to SHARE if you contact me. What is the point of all these years of research, if not to share with others, as others have shared with us? "Trying to plant the future without a sense of the past is like trying to plant cut flowers." Historian Daniel Boorstin
  • NOTE: My DNA results from Ancestry.com are as follows-European 97%: Europe West 40%, Europe East 1%, Great Britain 32%, Ireland 10% and Iberian Peninsula 7%. Trace Regions: Italy/Greece 4%, Finland/Northwest Russia 3%, Scandinavia 1%. West Asia is given as 2% Middle East 1%, Caucasus 1% and North Africa as 1%. The European results are not surprising and other results appear to confirm our connections to West Asia and Middle East etc. which include Egyptian, Persian, Syria, Iraq, Byzantine, Macedonian and Russian lines etc. Some of which are listed below. Some of early lines can be found on on this site, on my Ancestry.com tree: Pixleyblair.tribalpages.com and with notes and stories on Geni.com and My Heritage.com Our family's history is truly the history of the western (and eastern) world. The book I would like to write would be titled: PIONEERS AND PRINCES "The cowards never started, the weak died along the way. Only the strong survived. They were the Pioneers." From a plaque at the Pioneer Village in Minden, Nebraska The PIXLEYS came from England and settled in colonial New England-first in Massachusetts then to Vermont, New Hampshire and Connecticut. They came west by way of Wisconsin, Kansas and Nebraska. Mary Wescott Pixley and Hannah Paul Pixley have royal and aristocratic ancestry and are 'golden connections' to early lines. My Grandmother Pixley's DELLNOW ancestors may have been of Irish descent and came from Ohio and West Virginia. Her LANCET line originated in England; they went to Germany and eventually emigrated to Indiana and Kansas. My Grandmother Blair's FRIDAY and FOREMAN families were of German descent. Her KRICK line emigrated from the Palatinate in Germany and were among the earliest "Pennsylvania Dutch" settlers in Berks and later Lancaster Counties. The BLAIRS were Scots-Irish who came to York Co., Pennsylvania; they connect to the FLEMING family-of Scottish descent. They married into the influential RANDOLPH family of Virginia-Col. William Randolph and Mary Isham Randolph who are called "The Adam and Eve of Virginia" and were of royal descent-they are another 'golden connection' to royal, aristocratic and early and ancient lines. Thomas Jefferson is a Randolph cousin-he grew up with our Randolph family at Tuckahoe Plantation near Richmond, Virginia. Other Randolph cousins include: Presidents William Henry Harrison and Benjamin Harrison. Other Randolph cousins include: Chief Justice John Marshall, Patrick Henry and General Robert E. Lee. Pocahontas also connects to this line. Presidents John F. Kennedy, Barack Obama and First Lady 'Dolley' Payne Madison are cousins from our Fleming line. President John Tyler is a cousin from our Armistead family and cousin President James Madison descends from our Eltonhed family. Actress Marilyn Maxwell is a cousin from the Fleming family. Daniel Boone is a cousin from our Webb line. Walt Disney (who was a a member of DeMolay) is a distant cousin from our Tisdale line. (Their lines can be found on this website.)
  • OUR ANCESTORS SERVED IN A NUMBER OF THIS COUNTRY'S CONFLICTS-including: The Pequot War: Samuel Gorton b. 1593; King Philip's War: Dr. William Avery b. 1622, William Pixley b.1635: Bacon's Rebellion: Capt. Capt. William Carver; Colonial Forces of Massachusetts: John Badger b. 1423: Queen Anne's War: Robert/Alexander b. 1635; The War of 1812: John Tarlton Fleming; The Revolutionary War: Alexander Pixley b. 1753, Col. Tarlton Fleming, John Peter Krick and William PInkston Turner; The Civil War: John Henry Friday, James M. Pixley and John Smith.
  • Our Family's Ancestors Also Include: Mark Antony, Claudius Caesar,Malcolm Canmore-King of Scotland, Somerled-Lord of the Isles, Frederick Barbarossa, William the Conqueror, Eleanor of Aquitaine, Lady Godiva, Rodrigo Diaz de Bivar-'El Cid', Byzantine Empress Theodora, Viking warriors, Medieval knights and Crusaders. Another ancestor is Chizkiya/Hezekiah II-38th Exilarch, descendant of Bostanai ben Haninai-1st Exilarch of the 3rd Dynasty of Jewish Babyonian Exilarchs, descendants of King David, who fled following the destruction of the kingdom of Judah. Bostanai's wife Izdundad-a Sassanid Persian Princess-is descended from a line that includes Alexander the Great, Darius I King of Persia, Sargon II King of Assyria, Chinese Emperors of Wei, the Gupta Dynasty of India and the Ptolemy Kings of Egypt-ancestors of Queen Cleopatra. The Prophet Muhammad's son-in-law Uthman bin Affan, is given by sources as an ancestor -also the Prophet's daughter Fatima-connecting to our Spanish lines. We also descend from the so-called barbarians, including Alaric-King of the Visigoths and Genseric-King of the Vandals, who sacked Rome. Our ancestors also include Igor Grand Prince of Novgorod and Kiev, Casimir I King of Poland and Bela I King of Hungary. There is also possibly descent from Attila the Hun-which is entered here for consideration -but it is sometimes difficult to separate fact from legend. John of Gaunt-Duke of Lancaster, son of King Edward III-is our ancestor, connecting our family to Europe's royal lines-back to and beyond Charlemagne. We descend from eighteen Magna Carta Barons-Magna Carta Sureties and are related to four others. We are also descended from or related to many others who supported the Great Charter and also supported the king. Ironically, we also descend from King John who was forced by them to sign it! Some of our ancestors died fighting each other! There were the noble and ignoble: Alfred the Great was really great; Aethelred the Unready was really unready. And if you like 'soap operas'-there's the one starring our 'grandparents' King Edward II and Queen Isabella: she literally 'did him in'. But (as shown in the movie "Braveheart") she never met William Wallace. And ironically (considering our family's connection to the Order of DeMolay) Isabella was Jacques DeMolay's goddaughter and he was executed by her father, our ancestor, Philip IV. You couldn't make up this stuff! So, we are proud of most of them, not so proud of some of them-but they make up the fabric of history and of OUR history. I wonder what THEY would think of us? And remember: If even one of these names was missing-WE'D be missing! "Genealogy is tracing yourself back to people who are better than you are." John Garland Pollard OF HEROES AND HEROINES Most meaningful for those lucky enough to claim this heritage-it is the story of the courageous men and women who came to this country to make a new life; they were among the earliest colonists, settlers and pioneers. Only a few of our ancestors were landed gentry, "Virginia Cavaliers" or of aristocratic descent. Most of them arrived with little more than the clothes on their backs and faced hardships that we, today, can hardly comprehend. Many had endured much in their native lands;they risked and survived miserable voyages to this new country-expecting nothing more than the opportunity to live in freedom and earn a better life for themselves and their families. With their beliefs in hard work, education and self-sacrifice-they endured, perservered, fought for their new country and left us a priceless legacy: AMERICA! AND HERE'S TO THE LADIES: The unsung heroines were the wives, mistresses, concubines-many without even a name to remember them. Most had little control over their lives-some bartered into marriage-no more than chattel. Yet it is amazing how many of them, through intellect, ingenuity, self-reliance and sheer force of will did manage-not only to survive-but to wield power and leave their stamp on history! "Remember the ladies." Abigail Adams in a letter to her husband John Adams 1776 TRUE HEROES AND HEROINES AND WE MUST NEVER FORGET THEM! Genealogy is rewarding-but it can also be frustrating! Some of these lines- especially the early ones 'circle back upon themselves'. They can become so convoluted that tracing them is rather like trying 'to navigate a spider-web'. Hopefully we can help each other climb the often confusing branches of the family tree. What a special legacy to leave to those who come after us. From The Eleusis of Chi Omega: "Hold high the torch You did not light its glow It was given to you by other hands you know It's your task to keep it burning bright And pass it on when someone else needs light." From "On Eagle's Wing" by John Anderson A musical celebrating the Scots-Irish 2004 "You gave your future to me, You made me what I became. You have your future through me, I am proud to carry your name."
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